Heat Dissipation Of Solar Street Light

In the working process of solar street lights, except for the light energy emitted by the chip, the rest of the energy is basically converted into thermal energy. High temperatures will seriously affect the service life of solar LED street lights. Therefore, it is necessary to pay full attention to the heat dissipation of LED street solar lights. If not, some problems may happen:

The structure of the solar lamp can be bent and cracked due to thermal expansion. This is because the LED solar street lamp is composed of different parts of different materials. And the coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction of them are different. Therefore, the material may bend and shrink when the temperature falls. The material may expand and cracks when the temperature rises

Excessive temperature may cause obstacles to the operation of LED street light circuits. When the temperature of semiconductor components in electronic equipment rises, the resistance will become smaller. This will form a vicious cycle of "temperature rise-resistance drop-current increase-heat increase-temperature rise". And the disconnection phenomenon of burnout occurred.

The high temperature may cause damage to the material of solar street lights, which deteriorates the quality of the materials. The higher the temperature of the materials used in electronic equipment, the faster the oxidation. If it is repeatedly subjected to high-temperature oxidation, its life will be greatly shortened. At the same time, repeated thermal expansion and cold shrinkage will reduce the strength of the material and even damage it.

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