Economic And Social Benefit Analysis Of Solar LED Street Light

Now solar LED street lights are expanding rapidly in the vast lighting market. So what are the advantages of LED solar street lights compared to sodium street lights:

First, solar street led lights use solar energy to convert them into electricity.

Therefore, LED street solar lights can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power generation.

Second, the construction of sodium lamp street lights is difficult, and trenches need to be dug to put cables. The amount of work is large and a considerable amount of cables are needed, while solar street lights can be installed by poles, saving a lot of construction and cable costs.

Third, save electricity costs. The energy of solar LED street lights comes from inexhaustible sunlight, which is naturally free energy. One-time investments can benefit for life.

Fourth, save maintenance costs. The service life of high-pressure sodium lamps is generally only 2000-6000 hours, while the service life of solar LED street lamp can reach more than 50,000 hours. Now the life of high-end solar street led lamp has reached 100,000 hours. Only regular maintenance of the controller and battery is required, which greatly saves labor and cost of maintenance and repair.