Different Types Of LED Lights

LEDs have advantages of highly durable and energy efficient. With technological progress, led lighting industry is developing very fast, and there are many different types of led lights.

1. Outdoor landscape led lighting, such as courtyard lights, landscape lights, lawn lights, spotlights, neon lights, building lighting, etc.

2. Interior decoration lighting, such as bulb lamp, led tube, lamp cup, lamp belt, ceiling lamp, pendant lamp, industrial lamp, etc.

3. Professional lighting, such as airport light, aviation lights, flash lights, car lights, street lights, solar lights, tunnel lights, etc.

4. Safety lighting, such as mine lamps used in mines, explosion-proof lamps in special environments, safety indicator lights, etc.

5. Special lighting, such as non-radiation light, treatment lights, germicidal lights, non-visual lighting lamp for crops and flowers.

6. General lighting, used for office, shop, hotel, home lighting, such as bulbs, led lamps, ceiling lamps, chandeliers, industrial and mining lights.